Christened after chef Maxime Montay's grandmother, Monique dreams of the French countryside, through heirloom recipes. A seasonally focused menu offers traditional French dessert suited to wintertime through to high summer. Monique’s stock-in-trade is alluring displays of French pastry that pay homage to the quintessential neighbourhood Parisian patisserie. At Monique, the prolific flan parisien takes on chai and vanilla. The rum and cappuccino doused Paris-Brest pays homage to the popular cycling race between the two French cities; the Saint-Honoré, the street of its origin in Paris.

Little snippets of Parisian history are folded into the pastry at Monique, and packaged neatly for the varied Indian palate. In collaboration with Shivan Gupta of Delhi’s Amaara Farms, Monique starts out as a delivery-only enterprise run by Gupta and Maxime Montay.